IDL TextMate Bundle

IDL.tmbundle is an IDL syntax parsing bundle for the TextMate editor. If you use the IDL bundle.


wos2bib is a tool I wrote to convert ISI Web of Science saved reference files into the BibTeX file format. In addition it performs a few formatting niceties such as changing the occasional ALL UPPERCASE font that ISI likes to spit out into a best guess mix of upper and lower case.

IDL Library

My (old) IDL library contains a poorly documented collection of sometimes useful IDL routines. One of these days I will fix up the documentation... for now, the two e00 routines are helpful for converting Arc Export (.e00) files to tiffs (one will handle polygons and the other handles grids). Several MODIS processing programs are available to extract a time series of data from a directory full of ISIN hdf files (assuming you have the heg resample program installed).

This page lists a few software projects I have written. At the moment it is fairly limited in scope, most of the software I write is very specific for research purposes, or modifications of other groups models.  However, I know that at least the textmate bundle, the wos2bib converter, and the e00* programs do see some use worldwide, so I’ve kept them here. Don’t worry, nothing here is really abandon-ware (except for some of the random IDL routines), I just haven’t updated it in a little while because I haven’t had the need to.